Thursday, October 29, 2009

Will this month ever end.......

Not that I want time to speed by but, really, is my family the only family that does not celebrate Halloween? Every blog I read talks about decorating for halloween. People from church talk about trick or treating. My girls come home from school (they attend a private Christian school) and say they are the only ones not attending trick or treat tonight. We have chosen, as parents, to not celebrate Halloween on the basis that it is of satanic origin. Yes, I know that there are arguments leaning the other way but this is the stand we choose to make. We will go to Harvest Parties and such but not Halloween celebrations. So ready for it to be over!

Blogging has been limited this week. Spent Friday through Monday in Chicago with my oldest daughter and my new daughter-in-law. Had a nice time. Of course, coming home means messy house, catching up on things, mountain of laundry, etc. I have been palyign catch up all week.

Hope to take some photos soon of some recent sewing.

See you soon!


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