Thursday, October 1, 2009

October already?

Is anyone else blown away that the calendar says October 1, 2009? I cannot belive that this year is on the down hill slide..... and that Christmas is right around the corner. I have started my shopping and have lists from most of my kids...... The 16 year old son- that's a hard one.....
what to get him..... no ideas!

It was so cold this morning.... we had 39 degrees at 6:30AM. BBBBRRRRRRRR.... I did not turn on my furnace though.... we have a stone house so it keeps the warmth in pretty well. It was 66 degrees in the house at 6:30AM. Not bad! Dug out a sweater and am doing very well in the cooler house.....

Happy fall to you all..... off to sew!


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