Monday, September 28, 2009

One more project....

I forgot to include this project in my sewing room shots. The shelf is above my embroidery machine. It is part of a bifold door that I purchased at a Habitat for Humanity resale store. The supports were free from the same friend that gave me the shelves we inserted into the wall.

My sewing room... a peak into my mess!

Just thought I'd post some pictures of my sewing room in the state it is after a cutting fiesta I had last week. It is a mess but most of the pieces lying around are for projects that are bouncing around in my mind. I have been trying some new things..... like a full bust adjustment. Never did one before so cut out a button up top with some "so-so" fabric to give it a try.

Anyway, photos of my studio.

This photo is taken from my computer area. My cutting table is covered with a mess and our cat, Yankee. You can see the large fabric cupboard off to the left. It's full and overflowing!

This shot is the same area but taken form the entry doorway. You see the ironing board and the back "wall" which is a hanging curtain to cover up pipes and ugly!

This shot is from the entry doorway and is of my serger area. I also have a vintage machine that is strictly straight stitch that I use for heavy sewing.

This shot is from the doorway and is of the embroidery area and "regular" computerized machine and "desk" area. My embroidery is a Janome MB4- 4 head machine. I do most of my sewing on a Brother PC 3000 which you can see to the right of the black gooseneck lamp. My laptop sits to the left of the lamp.

A girlfriend gave me two white melamine shelving units that were 15 inches wide and 5 foot tall. They are perfect to slide into a wall between studs. So that is what we did. We carefully cut the drywall out so we could re-use it on the back of the shelves. The trim between the shelves is a metal measure stick. My hubby's idea! He might be getting some creativity in his "computer geek" body!
I am so very blessed! God is good!

A little sewing....

I was able to sew a little last week. I am struggling with fit right now. My body is morphing into something that has my previous fit thrown for a loop. I am sure it has something to do with menopause and being almost 46. Just trying to find patterns that look good and hide my muffin top is very frustrating!

Here is a picture of me in Vogue 8534

I think I might try the next size up on the sides and underarms for the next one of this simple pattern. I thought it'd be looser. It's not bad but could be better. The neckline is to be unfinished but I "clipped " the lines marking the folds for the pleats so I could not leave it unfinished so I simply turned it under and stitched it down. Worked fine for me.

Made another top today to experiment with pattern Simplicity 3536. View E. It's okay. I made view D this summer and really liked it. I will probably put view E under a jacket for fall and winter. The fabric was cheap walmart table stuff that was in my stash so I am not out much if I decide I don't like it! Oh, to have that skinny body I once had where everything looked good on me! This picture is of the top on "ADNIL" , my dressform.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Laid back weekend

We had a weekend with no soccer so it was rather laid back for us. Friday night Rick (hubby) surprised us with a family trip to the dollar theater to see Night at the Museum. Saturday morning I had a glass fusion class at the Mansfield Art Center. I will post pictures once they are fused and in my possession. I am addicted to this form of art. I would love to have a kiln and all the materials to make fused glass art.

Saturday was just a day of getting some things done here at home. The garage was over run with furniture finds from dumpster diving and garage sales so I had Rick cart them to a spot in the basement storage so that this winter I can tackle recovering them. I helped our 8 year old daughter clean and rearrange her room. We really should have named her Messy Mary or Pack Rat Patty!

Today we went to church and had a wonderful service. After church it was off to a family reunion for my husband's side of the family. It was nice to see people. The rest of the day was spent relaxing and playing around here. I should have worked outside but it was nice to have some down time. Daughters and I actually danced in my sewing studio.

My plan for Monday is to cut out some things for sewing for me for fall. I have some Christmas plans as well that I need to get moving on. Christmas will be here before we know it! YIKES!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What a weekend! We got a lot accomplished. My sewing room had been a disaster so I decided to get it together in there. Before I could get to it, a friend gave me some narrow laminate shelves- 2 sets to be exact. I had a lightbulb moment and decided to have hubby dear cut into the studio wall (back side is a storage room) and insert these shelves. I will post before and after photos soon. That led to creating a shelf from part of an old bifold door and rearranging and moving stuff around in the sewing room. Hubby also made me a bin to stand my home Dec fabrics in so that they stay where I put them and not slide around. I am so pleased with the outcome... now to get busy sewing! I have lots of ideas swirling in my head and fabric and patterns laid out. I just need to get the mojo to do it! I have been struggling lately with fit. After losing 40 pounds a year ago, I have managed to put 8 back on. I am frustrated wtih myself. I know that my "sands are shifting" and it is causing a magnitude of fitting issues. I am feeling very fat and frumpy lately! Need to get those 8 pounds off but struggling .. trying to follow my WW plan but the pounds are not moving.

Stay tuned for photos of my sewing room.