Saturday, December 11, 2010

Fabric and Pattern for a wedding

My daughter is getting married this coming year on 9/10/11, to be exact.

Her dress is purchased, the bridesmaids dresses were found for a steal so the only sewing I will be doing is the flowergirl dress and my own. Well, I will do all the alterations but does that really count as sewing?

Here is the pattern I am leaning toward for me. I will shorten it to just below the knee.

Here is the fabric I found that I love, love love!

The fabric arrived today and it is stunning.... STUNNING!

Can't wait to sew this dreamy dress but will wait until spring to dive in!

Blessings- Linda

Monday, December 6, 2010

A little something for a little someone

I have a dear young mom in my life. She is newly married with a 11 week old baby boy. He is my "grandbaby" and I love him to pieces. I made the little baby coverall out of a double sided faux suede/sherpa piece of fabric I bought years ago to make a dress coat for a daughter. The pattern called for two pieces of fabric sewn right sides together then turned right side out. Since this was a double sided coat fabric, I just too a matching boyish stirped knit and cut some binding on the bias (so the stripes would be slanted) and bound the edges. Easy peasy sewing project for Ottobre Autum 2003

I will see him this weekend. Can't wait to give him his new "coat"!

I also made this little shirt for him. It is a Ottobre too but I don't remember which issue. It is to be a knit but I used a fleece remnant I found for about a dollar at Joann's.

I have a few pieces laid out to make a couple tops for me and a skirt to hem so better get busy. Snow is falling here in Mid-Ohio, everyone is safely at home, supper is over, dishes are done and I am ready to sew!

Monday evening blessings-