Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Repurposing... well, sort of....

My niece had a baby a couple weeks ago. Her 4th in 4 years! So in the spirit of having so many so close, my mom and I decided to shop for matching outfits (for the babies not my mom and I!) We found adorable dress/bloomer dresses ( all at a killer on sale price) for the newborn & the 18 month old but not for the almost 4 year old. There was a shirt in a girls size 12 that was of the same fabric (also on killer sale) so we purchased that and I made knit shorts fromt eh shirt for the almost 4 year old. The other child is a boy so we found a polo and short in matching color scheme for him.

This picture is of the style of shirt used for the repurposing. I forgot to take the actual shirt photo. I was so excited to get started on the repurpose so the fabric is different.

And here is the photo of the shorts made from the top:

The navy ruffle on the legs is from the bottom band of the shirt. Turned out rather cute and makes a nice matching ensemble for the kids. We purchased a pink top to go with the shorts.

Now off to finish a prom dress alteration!

Blessings- linda

Monday, March 22, 2010

Sad day for mom

The day has finally come. I knew it was on it's way. My 10 year old daughter just had a melt down over her Easter dress. She thinks it makes her look fat. She picked the pattern and the fabric. It was a loose fitting, more flowing type dress. One of McCalls new patterns. I knew the time was coming so I am okay with it.... The meltdown on her part and frustration on my part is not worth it. I will take her shopping and she can find a dress she likes.

The 9 year old liked her outfit so I am okay on that one.

It marks the end of that time in her life.. she is growing up and for now, does not want to wear homemade items. She is becoming more independent and trying to figure out who she is apart from me.

She is a strong, determined, beautiful, intelligent, witty, bossy, and strong-willed young lady. God has a wonderful plan for her. I will not allow something so petty as sewing for her to stifle her or cause her to be frustrated with me. There will come a day later, on down the road where she will ask me to make her something again. And I will do so with love.

And jsut so you know, there is not one speck of fat on her precious little 10 year old body. She is a gymnast and is smaller than most second graders in her school. She is a 54 pound bundle of dynamite! With the temperment to prove it!

Well, now I am off to sew something else.... maybe something for me.. or maybe the prom dress for my 17 year old man-child's girlfriend.

Blessings- linda

Monday, March 15, 2010

Baggy pants

I made a pair of jeans a few weeks ago. They are too big in the backside for sure. I do not like the high rise either. I pulled the wrong adjusted pattern out when getting ready to cut these so they are not right. I used Sandra Betzina jean pattern V 7608. I have a pattern done that reflects alterations that she recommended when I took one of her classes but as I said before I pulled the wrong pattern out. I probably should get rid of the too big one!

The front fit is not too bad as you see in this photo:

The backside however, well, that is another story! />

I have no butt so I think I need to remove via a fish eye dart alteration under the cheek. Actually going to try just cutting a size smaller in the back and see what that does for me!

I have a pair of ready to wear that I like the fit of (except that it is a little tight in the waist and causes a small muffin top to appear) so I think I will lay them on top of the pattern and compare them.

My adjusted pattern that I should have used has a bit removed from the "body" of the pant to make them a little lower rise than these "mom" looking jeans!

These are wearable for around the house (at least until I lose a few more pounds). I think the main issue is that they are just too big. I can snug them up by about two inches when I pinch out the excess on tne body.

Well, off to hem a wedding dress.



Thursday, March 11, 2010

Some people never fail to amaze me....

This is nothing more than a vent post... I need to get it out of me so that when I see this person the next time, I do not say the things that are going through my mind.....

Background. We had a computer client (person from church) bring us their computer last spring (April). Thick with viruses because she does not work and spends her day doing nothing but hitting the gambling sites and games sites. We cleaned it up and the charge was $90.00. Called her to get it and was told I do not have the money. Well, knowing her financial/work situation (or lack thereof) we did not let the system go without payment. It sat here until September. We knew she was being trained by a church person on budgeting and had been told that we would get our monies due but to not let her have her computer until said monies was paid. She finally paid and all was resolved.

Forward two months and she comes to me at church to say hey we have a virus so you guys must not have got it cleaned up... TWO MONTHS of surfing and playing games and gambling and we did not get it cleaned up!!!!!!!!!!! I told her that as politely as I could and said it would be 90-120 to clean up the virus depending on the extent of the problem. She got mad and made some rude comment under her breath which I ignored. Looking at the source so to speak.

Now today, someone on Facebook mentions a virus that is out there now and I responded with not understanding what the creators of the viruses get out of doing this. She responds back that there are lots of "programmers" (which programmers are not necessarily computer techs but what does she know) out there that can remove them inexpensively but not T.T. (which is our company). AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to rip her head off and spit down her throat! She did not pay us for months (not even an attempt at payments), tried to rip us off, and then makes a rude comment like that!

Some people are just plain ignorant and rude!

Anyway, that is my vent... If you made it all the way to here, thank you for allowing me to vent!

Now on to taking down the snowmen and then some sewing!

Blessings- Linda