Monday, March 22, 2010

Sad day for mom

The day has finally come. I knew it was on it's way. My 10 year old daughter just had a melt down over her Easter dress. She thinks it makes her look fat. She picked the pattern and the fabric. It was a loose fitting, more flowing type dress. One of McCalls new patterns. I knew the time was coming so I am okay with it.... The meltdown on her part and frustration on my part is not worth it. I will take her shopping and she can find a dress she likes.

The 9 year old liked her outfit so I am okay on that one.

It marks the end of that time in her life.. she is growing up and for now, does not want to wear homemade items. She is becoming more independent and trying to figure out who she is apart from me.

She is a strong, determined, beautiful, intelligent, witty, bossy, and strong-willed young lady. God has a wonderful plan for her. I will not allow something so petty as sewing for her to stifle her or cause her to be frustrated with me. There will come a day later, on down the road where she will ask me to make her something again. And I will do so with love.

And jsut so you know, there is not one speck of fat on her precious little 10 year old body. She is a gymnast and is smaller than most second graders in her school. She is a 54 pound bundle of dynamite! With the temperment to prove it!

Well, now I am off to sew something else.... maybe something for me.. or maybe the prom dress for my 17 year old man-child's girlfriend.

Blessings- linda

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