Thursday, October 29, 2009

Will this month ever end.......

Not that I want time to speed by but, really, is my family the only family that does not celebrate Halloween? Every blog I read talks about decorating for halloween. People from church talk about trick or treating. My girls come home from school (they attend a private Christian school) and say they are the only ones not attending trick or treat tonight. We have chosen, as parents, to not celebrate Halloween on the basis that it is of satanic origin. Yes, I know that there are arguments leaning the other way but this is the stand we choose to make. We will go to Harvest Parties and such but not Halloween celebrations. So ready for it to be over!

Blogging has been limited this week. Spent Friday through Monday in Chicago with my oldest daughter and my new daughter-in-law. Had a nice time. Of course, coming home means messy house, catching up on things, mountain of laundry, etc. I have been palyign catch up all week.

Hope to take some photos soon of some recent sewing.

See you soon!


Monday, October 19, 2009

A TV star!

My eldest son, Jason, works for Carousel Works in Mansfield Ohio. They company was featured this week on Extreme Makeover, Home Edition. He was in part of the clip about the work they do. The picture above was captured from watching the show online. So excited!!!!!!
Tomorrow is hubby's birthday. We will have to postpone celebrating until next week as every evening this week is consumed with other obligations. What a week. Only 4 days until our trip to Chicago. I am taking my daughter and my newly acquired daughter-in-law for a three day weekend. Just girl time! Art Museum, pizza eating, pool/hot tub time, shopping, and Vogue fabric store shopping for me! The guys are heading out to Hocking Hills for a weekend camping adventure. The little girls are staying the weekend with friends from school. It is going to be great to get away!
I have been sewing and should have some more things to post before I leave..... Wish I had more time to sew something great for Chicago... My wardrobe is paltry to say the least! Oh, well, as long as I am dressed no one will even notice what I am wearing! LOL!
Blessings - linda

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bathrooms, sewing, and life.

We have had a whirlwind autumn..... High School Soccer seems to take over every year at this time. It is winding down and I have had actual sewing room time lately so that is a wonderful blessing!
I took a glass fusion class at Mansfield Art Center last month and have some really nice pieces to show for it. The main reason I took the class was to make some knobs for the custom cabinets in my newly remodeled main/kids bathroom. My father in law made the custom cabinetry for me and I been thinking and pondering knobs. I was at an art show in late August and a local Artisan had knobs for sale. When I was talking about having some made for my cabinets she mentioned she would be teaching a class on glass fusion so I immediately went and signed up. I had a blast! It definitely got the creative juices flowing again. I have been processing and planning sewing since then.....
Now on to the pictures....

The photo to the left is from the window wall of the bathroom looking out to the doorway. You see the tall built in cabinet. The mirror needs framed yet but time has not allowed that but that will make for a great winter project!

Below is a close up of two of the knobs I made. Really hard to photograph.....

Left is the tub/shower area to the left of the entry door. Curtain is a Micheal Miller fabric (I think....) that I fell in love with. Retro/funk is kind of the style of the fabric. You see a portion of the builtin cabinet along the window wall. I am slowly decorating this room... Thrift store and garage sael decorating!

The photo below is a straight shot looking into the bathroom. You can see the full builtin from this photo. The sink/vanity was a bargain find for sure! I was at Home Depot about 2 years ago and saw it ... a $400.00 vanity for $50.00. That was a no brainer as I knew we would be eventually remodeling that bathroom. The old bath was original to the 1950's home. YUCK! We really wanted to put in a whirlpool tub but size and such made it out of our pocket book range right now so we had the tub (a big, deep cast iron baby!) refinished..... I still have some decorating to do but am patiently waiting for things to fall into place.
Now on to sewing!
This top is Simplicity 2643. It is a cute top. I shortened it quite a bit. I think my band ont he front and neck is not as wide as the pattern but I am okay with that. The top is a sheer georgette giraffe print. The band is a faux suede found in the remnant bin at JoAnns'

It is on thing that turned out this week int he sewing room. I made a pair of Hot Patterns jeans and am not impressed. I till stick with my Sandra Betzina jean pattern for sure!

Thinking about some Christmas sewing. Need to get my ducks in a row and get busy. It was so refreshing to have sewing time this week. I needed it. I was feeling out of sorts.

Well, off to sew something.. going to friends' house for supper! What a nice surprise ! Will be nice to get out and visit!

blessings- Linda

Friday, October 9, 2009

Another week has sped by.....

A week since I posted lst. It's not that I have done nothing to posst about but most of my week's activity has been the normal, mundane, humdrum of life. Taxi-ing kids to events and practices, grocery shopping, fixing a meal and cleaning up the kitchen to just do it again in a few hours.... you know how it is.......

I did get a little sewing done....... I will be posting a photo after I get my shower for the day... no walking for us today...... pouring rain so I am staying inside where it is dry and cozy! It is unseasonably chilly in Ohio this fall..... we have actually had a fire in the fireplace more already this season than we did all winter last year. We are determined to NOT turn on the furnace just yet (you can call us cheap. we will not be offended!)

I should walk around and take some fall decorating shots of the house so I can share on here..... I have been having fun gleaning ideas from some fun blogs.....

Well, I think I will close for now and come back later with some photos to post.

Blessings- Linda

Thursday, October 1, 2009

October already?

Is anyone else blown away that the calendar says October 1, 2009? I cannot belive that this year is on the down hill slide..... and that Christmas is right around the corner. I have started my shopping and have lists from most of my kids...... The 16 year old son- that's a hard one.....
what to get him..... no ideas!

It was so cold this morning.... we had 39 degrees at 6:30AM. BBBBRRRRRRRR.... I did not turn on my furnace though.... we have a stone house so it keeps the warmth in pretty well. It was 66 degrees in the house at 6:30AM. Not bad! Dug out a sweater and am doing very well in the cooler house.....

Happy fall to you all..... off to sew!