Saturday, September 1, 2012

Purple Beast

This photo is of a love seat purchased at a garage sale for son to take to college for his dorm room.  It had a purple stripe fabric on it.... dirty, worn, garage sale worth.  So for a few dollars we brought her home.....  looked into buying a slip cover and about went into cardiac arrest with the prices of those things!  So mom (me) says let's make a slip cover... not sure who the us was in that statement but anyway, a slip cover it was.  I have never made a slip cover.  Only read the many blogs of those who do.  I had some white (yea, white and teenage boy.... ) cotton duck that had a navy stripe running through it.  Think old baseball uniform look.  I had three bolts because a client once requested it then changed her mind after I hunted and purchased it.  So, I had plenty of fabric so I began the journey.  I will go on the record as saying, I prefer to upholster furniture not make slip covers.  But it is done.  He can remove it and wash it if necessary and we were out no money (because stash sewing is FREE sewing, right?!)  Here is the finished product:

It is by far not perfect but for a college dorm room, it will do.  This is one piece of furniture that will not become a family heirloom!   ;)

Blessings- Linda

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It's been FOREVER!

I have not fallen off the face of the earth.... I had problems getting into the blog.  Which caused me to lose interest.  But now I know that I need a place to talk about my sewing and such.

I have been sewing.. mostly for client's which is a good thing and a bad thing.  Good= making money.  Bad= not sewing the visions swirling in my head!

Earlier this summer I was contacted by two bridesmaids to make gray bridesmaid dresses for them... not the color I would choose but, hey, I am not the bride!

This photo shows both dresses.   The lace dress was  made using a stretch gray lace with a gray matte jersey underlayer.  Cute and so simple to make!  The other dress was made using a gray satin for the skirt and strapless bodice and a gray lace for the bodice overlay.  I melded two patterns together for the satin dress but cannot remember which ones!  Sorry!  Below is a photo showing both dresses a little more front view.  Turned out cute and the girls are rocking them! 

Below are photos of dresses I made for a bridal party last summer- a couple months before my daughter's wedding.  The fabric was a linen that was a dream to work with!  A simple sundress pattern that was very flattering on all the girls!  

I will be posting more as the weeks go by.....  Now I am remaking a bridal gown and a mother of the bride gown..... It's a challenge but fun all the same!