Saturday, April 24, 2010

Prom 2010

Son and date headed out for prom 2010. I made Anna's dress. It was a combination of several patterns. She found a picture online and I created it for her. I now realize i should have underline the satin. It was a little flimsy and is buckling. Other than that, I am pleased. She was happy with it and due to my stashing fabric and sale coupons we accomplished the dress for right around $22.00. Not Bad!

Son is wearing the suit he wore in his prother's wedding! His shirt and tie are new. $30.00.

Very budget friendly prom!

Coursage for Anna. Looks great with her dress style. Anna and a front view of the dress. The "pulled up " areas of the skirt are centered. I think this was taken before I realized it had twisted from car riding.
I love this smiling shot! Evan rarely smiles like this... love it!

Wish I had thought to underline the satin. A little buckly here. It looks very unpressed but I promise, I pressed this! I did learn that i need to carefully consider underlining satin when using it. I did do a compete boned corset under this. Oh well. She was pleased so I am too.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A decision has been made....

I have been struggling recently with the busy-ness of life. Following is my current life:

Mom- 5 kids. 2 grown and three at home. 17 YO soccer and tennis player, finishing his junior year of high school, preparing to make college visits. 10 year old daughter, gymnast who competes. 9 year old daughter who plays soccer.
Taxi drive for kids
Seamstress (own my business)
Work as secretary for husband's business
Church obligations- adult Bible fellowship leader
School volunteer obligations- Coordinator of SCRIP program, coordinator of annual auction
Mentor and Bible study leader for 4 couples

I have been feeling overwhelmed particularly when it comes to my sewing business. I have made the decision to close my business for this portion of my life. I enjoy sewing for myself and that has been pushed to the bottom of the pile and I am losing the joy of sewing. As of the end of April, I will no longer be accepting any sewing "jobs". The little bit of spending money I make doing this is not worth the anxiety I get from this. I want my sewing room to be a retreat. A place where I can relax and think and pray. Now it has become a chore to head here and that makes me sad.

God keeps bringing people into my life to minister to and I want to do what He wants me to do.... and that is focus on people and love them as He would.

One custom prom dress to finish, two to hem, and a few pair of trouser to hem and then it will be done for now. I may come back to it when my life changes but for now, I am at peace with this.

Blessings- linda

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Closet dreams.....

We have been working on transforming some space in our bedroom. We have a very large master sweet but had the typical 1970's reach in closet for each of us. Hubby had one and I had one. Mine was at the "end" of the bathroom wall. To the right of the stool is the closet area. Please excuse the pile on the bed. This was taken as I was emptying the closet. Once all is said and done the closet will be 6' x 12'8". We are leaving hubby's closet on the other side of the room to become a linen closet as the one I have is about 18 inches wide and holds nothing neatly. The linen closet will be cloed up on the bedroom side and then opened on the bathroom side to make built in towel storage. Eventually we will be tiling the bathoom and adding a few things. No change in the footprint for in there. I'd love a whirlpool tub but that costs way too much and we are trying to be frugal ont his project.

This photo shows the before closet area. Very standard closet with bifold doors- yuck!!!

Here is the in process of demo. Shelves, rods, and doors removed.

Here are some studded walls and then drywall is up! This is the bedroom side of the closet. The bed will go on this wall. The blue electrical boxes are for scones that we moved from another wall for above our bed. You can see on the far purple wall where we moved them from.

I am now in the process of priming over the paper over paper over paper (left by the previous owners) so that the entire wall will be purple. I will take some more pictures and post them later.