Thursday, April 15, 2010

A decision has been made....

I have been struggling recently with the busy-ness of life. Following is my current life:

Mom- 5 kids. 2 grown and three at home. 17 YO soccer and tennis player, finishing his junior year of high school, preparing to make college visits. 10 year old daughter, gymnast who competes. 9 year old daughter who plays soccer.
Taxi drive for kids
Seamstress (own my business)
Work as secretary for husband's business
Church obligations- adult Bible fellowship leader
School volunteer obligations- Coordinator of SCRIP program, coordinator of annual auction
Mentor and Bible study leader for 4 couples

I have been feeling overwhelmed particularly when it comes to my sewing business. I have made the decision to close my business for this portion of my life. I enjoy sewing for myself and that has been pushed to the bottom of the pile and I am losing the joy of sewing. As of the end of April, I will no longer be accepting any sewing "jobs". The little bit of spending money I make doing this is not worth the anxiety I get from this. I want my sewing room to be a retreat. A place where I can relax and think and pray. Now it has become a chore to head here and that makes me sad.

God keeps bringing people into my life to minister to and I want to do what He wants me to do.... and that is focus on people and love them as He would.

One custom prom dress to finish, two to hem, and a few pair of trouser to hem and then it will be done for now. I may come back to it when my life changes but for now, I am at peace with this.

Blessings- linda

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