Friday, October 9, 2009

Another week has sped by.....

A week since I posted lst. It's not that I have done nothing to posst about but most of my week's activity has been the normal, mundane, humdrum of life. Taxi-ing kids to events and practices, grocery shopping, fixing a meal and cleaning up the kitchen to just do it again in a few hours.... you know how it is.......

I did get a little sewing done....... I will be posting a photo after I get my shower for the day... no walking for us today...... pouring rain so I am staying inside where it is dry and cozy! It is unseasonably chilly in Ohio this fall..... we have actually had a fire in the fireplace more already this season than we did all winter last year. We are determined to NOT turn on the furnace just yet (you can call us cheap. we will not be offended!)

I should walk around and take some fall decorating shots of the house so I can share on here..... I have been having fun gleaning ideas from some fun blogs.....

Well, I think I will close for now and come back later with some photos to post.

Blessings- Linda

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