Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Repurposing... well, sort of....

My niece had a baby a couple weeks ago. Her 4th in 4 years! So in the spirit of having so many so close, my mom and I decided to shop for matching outfits (for the babies not my mom and I!) We found adorable dress/bloomer dresses ( all at a killer on sale price) for the newborn & the 18 month old but not for the almost 4 year old. There was a shirt in a girls size 12 that was of the same fabric (also on killer sale) so we purchased that and I made knit shorts fromt eh shirt for the almost 4 year old. The other child is a boy so we found a polo and short in matching color scheme for him.

This picture is of the style of shirt used for the repurposing. I forgot to take the actual shirt photo. I was so excited to get started on the repurpose so the fabric is different.

And here is the photo of the shorts made from the top:

The navy ruffle on the legs is from the bottom band of the shirt. Turned out rather cute and makes a nice matching ensemble for the kids. We purchased a pink top to go with the shorts.

Now off to finish a prom dress alteration!

Blessings- linda

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