Monday, March 15, 2010

Baggy pants

I made a pair of jeans a few weeks ago. They are too big in the backside for sure. I do not like the high rise either. I pulled the wrong adjusted pattern out when getting ready to cut these so they are not right. I used Sandra Betzina jean pattern V 7608. I have a pattern done that reflects alterations that she recommended when I took one of her classes but as I said before I pulled the wrong pattern out. I probably should get rid of the too big one!

The front fit is not too bad as you see in this photo:

The backside however, well, that is another story! />

I have no butt so I think I need to remove via a fish eye dart alteration under the cheek. Actually going to try just cutting a size smaller in the back and see what that does for me!

I have a pair of ready to wear that I like the fit of (except that it is a little tight in the waist and causes a small muffin top to appear) so I think I will lay them on top of the pattern and compare them.

My adjusted pattern that I should have used has a bit removed from the "body" of the pant to make them a little lower rise than these "mom" looking jeans!

These are wearable for around the house (at least until I lose a few more pounds). I think the main issue is that they are just too big. I can snug them up by about two inches when I pinch out the excess on tne body.

Well, off to hem a wedding dress.



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