Thursday, January 27, 2011

Time marches on!

Yesterday my hubby and I celebrated 20 years of marriage. Time marches on..... quickly! I cannot believe that much time has passed. We have certainly had ups and downs, bumps along the road of life. 12 years ago our marriage was over... I was done. He was done. God intervened and brought restoration and love back into our marriage. He transformed two self-centered people into people seeking Him and wanting a marriage based on His plan. I am blessed. I have a man who loves me even though I weigh significantly more than I did in 1991. Even though hormones rage in this middle aged body. Even though I spend money when he thinks I should save it. Even though I love home improvement projects and he only tolerates them. I am blessed. Not every woman can say she has a man who loves her no matter what.

Here are some pictures of then and now:

Jennifer was 9 and Jason 7 when we walked down the aisle toward Rick, making us a family. Rick was a brave guy of 23 years of age to take on a wife, two kids, and all my baggage! LOL!

Here we are 20 years later.....I think I need to work on a better photo! LOL

Here is the whole family in August 2009 when my eldest son married his beautiful wife, Jenny. God is so good!

This beautiful couple is our eldest child, Jen with her fiance', Dave. They will marry this year in September. Love this guy!

So that is our family then and now. Again, God is good.

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