Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Goin' to the Chapel!

My daughter is getting married on 9/10/11. I am in the process of making many of the things for that day. My list includes:

Birdcage veil and fascinator

Wreath for the altar area

Lace "shrug" for her to wear during the ceremony

Vintage Brooche bouquet

Purses for the bridesmaids

Flowergirl dress

Resize a bridesmaid dress (from a lady's size to a girls size)

Bake corn bread muffins for 180

Bake cupcakes for 180

Make bridesmaid bouquets

I have been blessed with a multitude of gifted friends so I will be calling on their help during the next 8 months! ;)

Here are a few things I have completed.

This is the fascinator for the birdcage veil. I am not sure this is the actual brooche she will use in the center but it worked as a stand-in for the photo! The fascinator is about 5 inches across. Very pretty and vintage looking! I could not phathom paying 150.00 for a birdcage veil when they are so simple to make!

This wreath photo is what we are shooting for at the "altar" area. The wedding is outside. The ceremony area has trees surrounding it and a wreath will hang from the trees with organza draped down to two small pillars that will have boston ferns resting on them.

Below is the wreath I have created so far.

Progress is slow but she is a working girl living 70 miles from me so we don''t see each other often. We are planning a weekend where we can get together and work on wedding things. Some of the things I just need to get off my plate so I can feel a little less overwhelmed!


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