Friday, February 18, 2011

Transforming Ugly....

Well over a year ago... maybe two this spring.... while on the way to church, I spotted two wingback chairs in the trash. U.G.L.Y. I was almost in panic mode as I wanted the chairs. My hubby was flabbergasted that I would consider it. So we dropped the kids off at church and drove back to load them into the van. The upholstery was worn and they stunk!

People from church were driving by and hubby was mortified! I was giddy with excitement and the possibilities for these two chairs.

Here is a picture of the found state...

We have a friend who is a carpet cleaner so he came and tried to get the smell out but what worked the best was sitting the chairs in the sun. I started the search for fabric for the chairs. I did not want to spend a ton of money on the fabric and wanted a piece that was pretty neutral so I could put the chairs anywhere in the house.

I found just the piece at JoAnn's on a 50% off the clearance. $3.00 a yard for upholstery weight fabric! Cha-Ching!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is a picture of the fabric:

This is a tan chenille with the leaf pattern cut into the chenille.

My hubby and I re-upholstered these together. It was our first "real" upholstery job. We've done kitchen chair seats and little benches and such but nothing like a wingback chair. I am sure a professional could have done a much better job but at $500.00 a chair I decided to go for it myself. We have less than $100.00 in re-upholstering BOTH chairs.

Here's a picture of the chairs. I am working on a little side table for between the chairs. Right now their home is in my bedroom. Might try them flanking each side of the fireplace.... I see some furniture moving in my future!

I am motivated to get my bedroom finished up now...... I have been dragging my feet. A little more painting... a little more sewing..... ooooo the possibilities!

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  1. I love this post! It's funny but so real and true for me, too! My dear husband often has to do the same sort of thing for me. Though he won't pick at the dump any more! I got the best vintage blue metal porch rocker at the dump, that was his final "pick" with me there.....I don't knwo why, it was a good one! LOL
    Your chairs will be wonderful! ~Heidi


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