Monday, March 14, 2011

Circus is in town!

The circus came to town yesterday. I realized that my girls had never been to a circus before so I took them. I did not wait for hubby to say he'd go along. He prefers to spend his down time watching stupid movies on his laptop and, in the past I have waited for him to go along to do things with the kids. NOT. ANY. MORE. I am going to just do it from now on. Time is passing by at a rapid rate and I want to build some memories with the girls. Evan leaves for college this fall and unfortunately, he won't have many family fun time memories. Not going to happen with the last two. Anyway, I am way off topic!
The circus was not BarnumBailey but it was a fun way to spend the afternoon. The girls had their faces painted as you can see. The picture above is not a good representation of having a good time. It is, however, a very true representation of two sister arguing over who touched whom! LOL!

Geordan, age 11 is my beautiful clown!
Olivia, age 9 (10 on the 18th) is the prettiest butterfly around!

This AM has been filled with taking down my snowmen displays and cleaning. I stopped at 11am to get cleaned up. I need to run the sweeper and then get some sewing done. There is still more cleaning to do but it will wait until another day as I have some client sewing that needs to happen today.

Off to finish a couple chores an then sew!
blessings- Linda

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