Sunday, March 6, 2011


Some wedding DIY projects are done.....

My eldest child, Jen, is getting married in September. This weekend was project weekend. We accomplished the bouquet, assembly of the vintage pedestal cake plates, figured out the birdcage veil, did a roundup of some vintage tableclothes, and bought the fabric for the bridesmaid gifts. Below are pictures of the brooche bouquet. Not the gretest quality but if I get better pictures I promise to post them.

The following photos are of the vintage pedestal cake plates we created from garage sale and thrift store finds consisting of glasses, candlesticks, and plates. Each table will have cupcakes in the middle as the centerpiece instead of having a large central cake. Not great shots but they are in the store room and I am too tired to move them out for better pictures! ;)

Watch for more wedding projects to creep in here! I am so happy with what has been accomplished.... this week is client sewing to finish up a project and then hopefully the pieces I need for the bridesmaid project will have arrived!

Goin' to the Chapel and we're gonna get married!

Blessings- Linda

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