Friday, February 26, 2010

Getting things done

I have not had much sewing time this week. The sewing I have done was for customers- bridesmaid alteration, pants repair, shirts embroidered, etc. I don't really count that as sewing. I am trying to get DD#5's Easter outfit done. I did get an idea at Target for the top of her outfit. Skirt should be done today since there is no school which means I have no running to do today. Gotta love those snow days! ;)

I made an outfit for me last week and wore it Wednesday but forgot to have someone take a picture of me wearing it. Next time I wear it I will have DH take a photo.

Today is plumbing day at out house. Our kitchen drain was set up wonky by someone in the past. It goes out the wall and around the house. It is slow draining and causes a stinky basement family room after I do dishes. We "think" that the outside tile is probably cracked and filled with dirt OR the tree roots have taken over the tile. So instead of digging up the tile and replacing it, we are running new drainage from the sink through the basement to the 4 inch drain. Of course all this excitement happens mainly in my sewing room so everything is out of place and covered. I am trying to sew a little in between my hubby needing my helping hand (in other words me holding this or that!).

I have also been working on getting the bedroom hallway painted. I have the base done, and the stenciling finished as far as I think I want it. I am ordering a stencil for one wall with a Bible verse on it so until that arrives, I am done. On the lookout for some thrift store snags for the hall decorating.

Top picture is the hallway in process. That is the shot after the primer, which was hideous, was applied. The paint is a chocolate brown. The middle photo is the stencil. The flower is probably 15 inches in diameter and are occasionally painted on the wall. The brown and the blue paint came from the Habitat ReSale shop. Full gallons for $5.00 each. The green for the leaf came from the "mis mixed" area at Home Depot. $1.00 for the quart. The hall area in the first photo does not have the flower stencil on the walls. The hall is in two sections so I am thinking of leaving it plain and just having the stencils on the long area. Waiting to make that final decision after my artistic son sees it this weekend! Always good to have a second opinion! Bottom photo is the light fixture. It is original to the house and I think I am keeping it in the hall. Kinda pretty!
Now off to sew a little while hubby makes a Home Depot run for an elbow he needs for the plumbing project!



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  1. Linda,

    I love the stencil design and the colors you chose. What is the source for your stencil?


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