Thursday, August 20, 2009

The wedding day has come and gone. Son, Jason, is now a husband! These are just a few pictures of the many snapshots taken by us and grandma!

This photo is of our entire family.
Left to Right Back Row- Evan, 16, Jen, 28, Jason, 25, Me, Rick (dad). Front Row- Geordan, 10, Jenny, New daughter, Olivia, 8.

This is a photo of the entire wedding party. I made all the dresses including the bride's gown.

That was a tall order. I had some photos to work from. It is a knock off of a very expensive designer gown. Hard to see the details. I will post a better photo once we receive the ones from the photographer.

The beautiful couple. I made her veil too.

Lots of prayers and love went into this gown.

Mom and Dad with the groom, Jason.

I made my dress too. I hope to have a better shot of it later on too!

All in all, it was a wonderful day. She is a sweet girl and we are happy to have her join our family. I hope to not be a "Mother-in-law" but rather a second mom. A woman that she can trust to have her best interests at heart. My prayer for their marriage is that God becomes the central focus of their life together.

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