Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Trying my hand at this....

I am trying my hand at the blog thing. Not sure I will ever be able to accomplish what so many other women do with theirs..... I am already stuck. Would love one of those fancy ones that reflect my personality but have sttled for a standard template one..... someday when hubby is bored I will seek his help..... right now his work is overwhelming so I will be statisfied with what I have!

I feel like this might be a place where I can express myself so that I can "see" what I am thinking and feeling. Right now my life seems to be chaotic and that chaos is prohibiting me from thinking clearly...... we will see. Also want a place to share my sewing accomplishements (and disasters)!

Anyways, welcome. I hope you are not too bored with what is to come! Blessings- Linda

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