Saturday, May 8, 2010

My En"light"ening Day!

I had plans... big plans. I planned for hubby to move the linen closet doorway from the bedroom side of the wall to the master bathroom side. He did not want to do that. He did not say that in so many words but rather started doing other projects on the "honey-do" list.

First he started taking down old light fixtures and "stuff" (my technical term) on the front porch.

The picture below is where the ugly, 1950's original light fixture was. It was
by the front door. U.G.L.Y.

This is the light fixture now. Now is where I tell you that I have the greatest husband EVER! Did I mention that I purchased this light fixture at a Hospice Thrift Store in Chicago? I paid a whopping 5 whole dollars for this baby!

This is the other fixture he added. The base is in the center of the porch ceiling and we swagged the actual light over with chain to above the sitting area. I would so be sitting out there right now with a magazine if it weren't a measily 40 degrees outside!

This picture shows the price tag of the above light fixture! SCORE!

The final light bulb moment happened in the kitchen. We removed a teeny, tiny pantry last year and that removal left a ceiling light fixture typical to closets. The porcelain basic fixture. It has been sitting on my ceiling waiting for the "right" light fixture to be found be me at a premium low price. I have been following a whole bunch of ingenious and frugal women who blog of their decorating deals. Someone, somewhere had used "work light"for fixtures over a counter. El-cheap-o. My kind of thing! So while at Home Depot getting supplies for the front porch, I found a clamp on cheap "stainless" work light. Around $7.00. I bought some chain and one of those screw in plug thingy mabobs. Once home we (hubby) screwed in the plug thing and put up a hook and took the clamp off the lamp and WA-LA a light over the "coffee station". Perfect!

Here is the entire "coffee station". I do love my coffee!

And THAT my friends was how we spent our day! Perfect on a cold, blustery May day!

Blessings- Linda

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